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Savage E-Liquid

$ 20.00

Dicaprio - This sweet, crisp green caramel apple may win you the Oscar!

Bane - You think lemon pound cake is your ally? I was born in the funfetti, raised by the strawberry icing.

Frank Underwood - A sweet blue jolly candy with enough tart razmatazz to make you want to push someone in front of a train.

Walter White - A simple limeade with raspberry that is 98% pure ecstasy.

V. Vega - An addictive honeydew with passion fruit and pomegranate that will leave you itching for more.

Norris - A blueberry waffle with cream that will roundhouse kick your tasebuds

Marcellus - A strawberry pound cake that may cause you to throw someone out a second story window.

Pinkman - A fruity peach and strawberry mixed up so good you will feel guilty to vape it.

Lou Forigno - The biggest baddest apple cinnamon danish you have ever tried.

Hugh Jackman- Strawberry Coffee Cake With Whipped Cream




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